This new collection delves into the personal process of dissociation that occurs in the mind
where two identities coexist within the same circle (self).
Inspired by the psychological theory of Carl Gustav Jung, signifies the unification of
consciousness and unconsciousness in a person, representing the psyche as a whole. For
Jung, the Self is an encompassing whole which acts as a container where the disharmony
between the unconscious and the conscious mind would lead to problems on the psyche.
This collection portrays the self as a harmonious but fragile circle where the balance is
broken if one of the identities stands out over the other. As one identity is shy, introspective
and solitary, the other is functional, extroverted and oppressive of emotions. This collection,
therefore, reflects the conflict result of this dissociation, as well as the ups and downs of their
The lack of balance between these two triggers an identity crisis, a spiritual rupture in which
the designer has also been inspired for this collection.
Sustainability is an important part of this collection, using LVMH deadstock, recycled and
certified sustainable materials.